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Testimonial of Neil Lonergan.

I have been using Trafford MS Centre for Oxygen treatment for 10 years and to be honest I wasn’t sure the Oxygen was helping until I missed it for 3 weeks in which time I became drained and tired. After going back on the Oxygen I was back to normal and felt great. The fatigue disappeared which was terrible for me at the time. I have learned more information about MS by going to the centre than I ever got from doctors ie treatments etc. The centre has people from all walks of life, all religions, all really good people. The Oxygen really helps but meeting other people with MS is just as helpful.
I highly recommend the centre.

Testimonial of Alan Southern.

I am a 69 year old who has a history of being extremely fit. I was a Royal Navy Diver, First Division squash and badminton player a keen shooter and gun dog owner. When eventually diagnosed with secondary progressive MS my fitness and stamina completely deserted me. Even to make a cup of tea I had to prop myself up on the kitchen worktop.
My daughter found out about the High Dosage Oxygen treatment and persuaded me to give it a try. I genuinely thought that if it wasn’t recommended up front by my NHS care team, how could it be any good? Well, I’m here to tell you it works, no it is not a cure and I still have reduced stamina and poor balance however I can stay on my feet, walk my dogs reasonably and the best news for me is, I can sleep at night and get out of bed without massive stiffness. All in all it’s a great improvement for me and I wouldn’t dream of giving it up and the people, volunteers, staff and members are very welcoming and friendly.
I still find it hard to understand why this therapy for MS was not mentioned to me by my NHS team.
Give it a go you may well be very pleasantly surprised by the results.

Testimonial of Marjorie Richardson SRN & SRM.

In 2002 the previous charity closed due to financial problems, until this charity opened in 2004 under new Trustees and wonderful management staff and volunteers. For 2 ½ years myself and many friends didn’t have hyperbaric Oxygen treatment on returning it was evident that we had significantly deteriorated. MS symptoms had manifested over this 2 ½ years and we returned using wheelchairs my self included. High Dosage Oxygen Treatment is not scientifically proven to help treat MS. There is no medical research ongoing to collaborate the deterioration of me and my friends with MS.
MS can be a progressive disease. Myself and my friends did show significant changes which if we had had the Oxygen treatment may have been different.

Testimonial of Janice Morrisson.

I am a lady over 50 married with grown up children. I suffer from Opsoclonus Myoclonus, a rare neurological condition. After this condition hospitalised me for 8 months, in which time I was in an awake coma unable to open my eyes. When discharged, after some months Trafford Carers advised me to consider the Oxygen treatment at the Therapy Centre, which I did with some trepidation. My doctor had to be consulted and she had no objections. The management at the centre suggested several visits close together to start with and then to top up every so often as an individual needs. I followed this routine and immediately beneficial effects were experienced. My bladder control improved from me waking six or seven times in the night to now getting up once a night. Because of the Oxygen I feel more relaxed, stronger and more energetic. My general condition has also improved, the shaking that was so severe has reduced dramatically. My balance has improved but I still need a walking stick. However before Oxygen treatment I had to use a wheelchair for any distance. These improvements were outweighed by the social interaction and support of other centre users who I socialise with over a cup of tea. Usually someone there is experiencing a similar situation to me and can offer advice. I have also participated in other activities in the centre including Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. My husband operates the chambers as a volunteer. I attend the centre twice a week to a pressure of thirty three feet in the chambers.

Anonymous Testimonial.

I was diagnosed with MS around 30 years ago and although I was having regular relapses I learnt to manage them. With regards to treatments there were very few at that time that I qualified for. Fatigue has always played a key role in my MS journey and discovering the Oxygen Chambers I describe as being almost my life saver. I have been having Oxygen at the therapy centre for the past 10 years, initially I did the 15 sessions as quickly as possible as advised by the centre management and from that point I have always tried to maintain my sessions to at least one per week. The benefits to me personally having been that I have been able to manage my fatigue levels which has helped with my cognitive functioning. I am very fortunate that I have managed to remain working and in addition I have also been able to study for a degree which I feel taking the Oxygen has helped with certainly at times when I was up at night finishing off my essays. The volunteers, staff and members of the centre are extremely friendly and from the very beginning I felt welcomed into the community at the centre. I feel confident in saying that for me the Oxygen has been a massive help in managing the complications experienced from my initial diagnosis 30 years ago.

Testimonial of Joanne Brown.

I was diagnosed with a cancerous Brain Tumour in 2008 for which I had surgery followed by 6 weeks of Radiotherapy. I then went into Remission until 2012 when I had a recurrence and had to undergo further surgery followed by 9 months of chemotherapy. This time I went into remission until 2015 when my scan showed signs that cancerous cells may be trying to wake up again so I went straight back on the chemotherapy. By this time, I had met and married my now husband Mark. As soon as he found out what was happening, he started to research different supplements and alternative therapies which could possibly help in my fight against cancer! One such therapy was High Dosage Oxygen Treatment.

Mark discovered that cancer thrives in low Oxygen environments so if I was to receive this treatment, not only would it assist in killing the cancer cells but it would also help me to recover between treatments! We discussed this with my oncologist who agreed it wouldn’t do me any harm. Mark, eventually found the MS Therapy Centre at Trafford, who agreed to let me have my treatments there.

Mark and I have always tried to do a walk everyday, about 2 miles, weather dependent. I found that prior to the High Dosage Oxygen treatment I struggled up the hill about half way around, however after approx 20 sessions I found that I could get all the way around without slowing down at all and I can now power walk my way around.

Not only that I find the staff and clients at the MS Therapy Centre to be such inspirational, friendly people which makes the whole experience a pleasure.

Testimonial of Rick and Carol Halsall.

Carol was diagnosed with MS 2005 (RRMS) over the last few years her mobility has deteriorated 4 years ago the specialist indicated it has now developed to Secondary progressive
We found out about the MS Therapy Centre a few years ago but for a number of reasons avoided attending. Last year September 2018 we made contact about the Oxygen treatment we were invited to come along. As soon as we walked into the Centre meeting the staff , members and some volunteers we felt comfortable everyone is so friendly all dealing with their own individual challenges sitting around a table discussing all issues around life not just MS or other illnesses it really is a family atmosphere.
Carol now partakes twice in the Oxygen treatment, gets regular support from the physiotherapist and has started attending the wheelchair dance sessions. I have now volunteered to assist running the Oxygen chamber.
It has benefited us both attending enabling us to find out information or discuss our concerns.
The centre concentrates on the positives we enjoy our trips twice a week over to Trafford park.
If you are sat there wondering- – should I ? Ring up and make an appointment to visit. You will be surprised!


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