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Payroll giving is a simple, tax-effective, hassle free way to give to donate to us.

Payroll giving comes straight out of your Employees’ salaries after national insurance, but before tax. This means that you get tax relief on your donation that can be passed onto us. If you’re a higher tax rate payer, then this benefit increases. It is easy to opt in and out of; to set up a scheme, contact any one of the Government-approved Agencies for a form to fill in, and they will set it up.

The Government-approved Agencies can be found here: Approved agencies for Payroll Giving – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk).  You can set your account up at CAF online 


This is the easiest way to support us – and it is totally tax-deductible for your company!

In return for your support you will receive regular newsletter updates; early invitations to events, like Gala dinners and fundraising events; priority booking for space at our Centre for events, therapies and socials; and sponsorship and advertising opportunities which will be available for over 500 members and centre users, plus many more social media platform viewers. We will also give you 10 free entries into our monthly lottery draw.

To support us in an easy, tax-free way, all you need to do is Get in Touch so that we can support you through the process.