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Around the World in 80 Days

Miles @ Day 21
Days to go
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Our epic journey is underway - 26,000 miles - 80 Days
Eccles (Salford) England to Dover England to Calais France to Zurich Switzerland to Milan Italy to Zagreb Croatia to Tirana Albania to Sofia Bulgaria to Istanbul Turkey to Aleppo Syria to Jeddah Saudi Arabia to Aden Yemen to Muscat Oman to Karachi Pakistan to Mumbai India to Khulna Bangladesh to Mandalay Burmah to Singapore to Hong Kong to Shanghai China to Tokyo Japan to San Francisco USA to New York USA to Liverpool England to Eccles (Salford) England

Current Destination @ Day 21 Wake Island, Pacific Ocean

Check out the latest brilliant Around the World Team member videos above, then click on Playlists.  Don’t forget to like, subscribe and send yours (portrait format) if you are a member of our Around the World Team.

Virtual Postcards from our Virtual Travels - Look what we have achieved in three weeks! WOW...



Sent on our way by Rugby League Legend - Adrian Morley

The MS Therapy Centre (NW)’s ambitious global virtual challenge was officially launched today (01/07/24) at midday from their centre in Eccles, with rugby legend Adrian Morley giving the event a star-studded send-off. This exciting kickoff marks the beginning of an incredible 80-day journey inspired by Jules Verne’s classic novel “Around the World in 80 Days.”

Adrian Morley, known for his illustrious career in rugby league, lent his support to this worthy cause, by setting us off on our way, adding extra excitement and media attention to the event’s start.  He also made a personal commitment to log his own miles joining us on this epic challenge.

As soon as Adrian sounded the starting horn, participants sprang into action, immediately beginning to log miles towards the 26,000 mile goal. Team members ran, walked and cycled back to their offices and homes, demonstrating the event’s accessibility to all and the enthusiasm to the challenge.

Over the next 80 days, until 18th September, team members will report their progress each week so that we can track our journey and keep you updated.  The virtual nature of the event allows for wide participation, uniting centre members and the community in this ambitious endeavour.

The strong start to the event has created a buzz of excitement. 

Support this epic journey today! Whether you’re adding miles to the total, spreading the word, or contributing financially, every effort helps in reaching the 26,000 mile goal.

E-mail your weekly miles to Tony at: tonyh@mstherapynw.org  Then, share the JustGiving site below with all your family and friends and encourage them to support your fantastic challenge as part of the Round the World Team. 

Please help us make a difference.


A huge thank you to GCM Security who are kindly sponsoring this event.GCM Security Limited Logo