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Queen's Award for Voluntary Service Winners 2022

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Your support can change lives. Help us provide vital therapies and support for people living with multiple sclerosis.

Ways to Get Involved:

1. Join our Featured Challenge
Click on the links below

2. Create Your Own Fundraiser
– Get inspiration from our list of ideas shown here 

Why Fundraise?
Your efforts directly impact those living with MS:
– £50 funds an oxygen therapy session
– £100 provides a physiotherapy appointment
– £500 supports a month of exercise classes

Getting Started:
1. Choose your activity
2. Set up your fundraising page
3. Share with friends and family
4. Make a difference!

Still need inspiration or stuck for ideas? Please speak with our Fundraising Manager at the Centre. 

Let your imagination run wild, if you have another idea let us help you bring it to life.  

1. Physical Challenges:

– Run a marathon or half-marathon
– Organise a sponsored walk or hike
– Cycle across the country
– Participate in a triathlon
– Do a skydive or bungee jump

2. Community Events:
– Host a charity auction
– Organise a community fair
– Arrange a talent show
– Plan a charity ball or gala dinner
– Set up a car wash day

3. Food and Drink:
– Host a bake sale
– Organise a chili cook-off
– Plan a wine tasting event
– Arrange a “Come Dine with Me” style dinner party series
– Host a charity barbecue

4. Sports and Games:
– Organise a charity sports tournament (football, cricket, etc.)
– Host a golf day
– Arrange a video game marathon
– Plan a board game night

5. Arts and Crafts:
– Host an art exhibition and sale
– Organise a craft fair
– Arrange a photography contest
– Plan a charity fashion show
– Set up a face-painting booth at local event

6. Workplace Fundraising:
– Organise a dress-down day
– Hold an office bake-off
– Plan a workplace quiz
– Arrange a “boss for a day” auction

7. Seasonal Events:
– Host a Halloween costume party
– Organise a Christmas carol concert
– Plan an Easter egg hunt
– Arrange a New Year’s resolution challenge

8. Unique Challenges:
– Do a sponsored head shave
– Organise a silence-a-thon
– Plan a 24-hour dance-a-thon
– Arrange a living statue challenge
– Set up a sponsored karaoke marathon

9. Virtual Fundraising:
– Host an online quiz night
– Organise a virtual run or walk
– Plan a social media challenge
– Arrange an online gaming tournament
– Set up a crowdfunding campaign

10. Eco-Friendly Fundraising:
– Organise a clothes swap event
– Host a plant sale
– Arrange a community clean-up day
– Plan a “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” challenge
– Set up an eco-friendly product sale

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